Top 5 Best Fire Safety Blankets Guide: Rapid Fire Supplies

Top 5 Best Fire Safety Blankets Guide: Rapid Fire Supplies

Have you decided to purchase a fire blanket for your home or business? Not sure where to start? Don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place! Take a closer look at our top fire blankets from FireChief to learn more…

For businesses As one of the first fire blankets made with the new BS EN1869:2019 (in 2019 the original tests for electrical conductivity and cooking oil fires were joined by a typical small, contained Class B fire using heptane).

[NL1] in the UK, the ridged case fire blanket is the best choice for businesses.

A hard case protects the blanket from damage and two fabric straps enable the blanket to be quickly released in an emergency. It is available in a range of sizes to suit your needs making it a smart buy.

This fire blanket will suit offices, shops, schools, working kitchens and more.

RIGID CASE FIRE BLANKETS from only £8.02 1x1m Buy Now

For home The soft case FireChief blanket is our top choice for in the home. The soft casing makes it easy to store and when it is attached to the wall the softness ensures that it will not present a hazard.

This fire blanket is the perfect option for family spaces. Its compact size means it can efficiently tackle a variety of small, early-stage fires caused by candles, kitchen pans and electrical equipment e.g. phone chargers. It is also an extremely affordable price and comes with a 5 year warranty.

FIRECHIEF 1 x 1m Fire Blanket, Soft Case – Rapid Fire Supplies

For Industry This large heavy duty fire blanket has been specifically made for tackling battery fires. Capable of withstanding up to 1000 °C for a prolonged period, it is one of the most robust fire blankets you will find in the UK.

In environments working with, or transporting Lithium batteries a tight fire safety system is key to protecting everyone on site. When correctly used these fire blankets offer that safety and can stop life threating fires from spreading.

Industries such as transport (aviation and automotive), waste, motor sports, shipping, logistics, marine, factories, warehouses and more would benefit from this fire blanket. It is an especially good choice for those working with electric cars.

FIRECHIEF HEAVY DUTY Lithium ( Lith-ex) Battery Fire Blanket

For design Designed to fight small kitchen fires the basic pod fire blanket does so with a modern twist. In some environments the bright red cover may not fit. This white version blends more seamlessly into the background, whilst remaining bold enough to spot in an emergency.

It the best fire blanket for apartments, Airbnbs, hotels and restaurant eating areas. Offering premium safety in a sophisticated way. There are similar stainless steel fire extinguishers which also provide high quality safety without disrupting the interior design of a space.

1 X 1M FIRECHIEF Basic pod fire blanket white – Rapid Fire Supplies

Can’t decide! It can be difficult to know whether a fire blanket or a fire extinguisher would be more suitable (especially at home on a budget). That’s why we stock the fire blanket extinguisher and bracket pack. All your fire safety equipment in one.

This handy pack has all areas covered. Small sized blanket, bracket, extinguisher and first aid kit to protect you and your family if the worst happens.

FIRECHIEF Home & Travel Safety pack – Rapid Fire Supplies

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