The best helmets for the UK construction industry 2022

The best helmets for the UK construction industry 2022

What is a safety helmet? Safety helmets are an item of PPE (personal protective equipment) that protects your head from falling objects and impact from other objects. Additionally, they can protect from electrical shock.

They are most commonly worn within roofing and construction, forestry and offshore industries.

Safety helmets are a legal safety requirement on construction sites worldwide.

A brief history of head protection Helmets have been around for thousands of years, dating way back to 2500 BC where they were used to protect the heads of soldiers in battle. In 900 BC helmets first began to be mass produced during the Assyrian iron age for soldiers. These helmets were predominately made from bronze.

Today it seems common sense to put on a helmet when conditions become hazardous, but this was not always the case. During the Victorian era miners did not wear helmets. Instead they were given soft caps to keep dust out of their eyes, offering no head protection at all.

Across the workforce at this time, the industrial revolution was creating numerous jobs many of which involved dangerous labour. These included construction, shipping, engineering, dock yard and factory work to name a few. No protective headgear was offered to these workers and injuries were common and often fatal.

It was not until the 1800s that mass produced helmets for workers began being made by the Patent Pulp Manufacturing Co. They were formed from pulp and lined with steel after drying for extra protection.

The shipbuilding industry highlighted the need for hard hats and they started to become a commonplace piece of equipment. In the 1930s during the construction of the Golden Gate Bridge, hard hats were mandatory for the first time in America.

Over in Britain, the death of the prominent architect TE Lawrence shocked neuroscientists when they discovered his life may have been saved if he had been wearing a helmet. This resulted in a new wave of spreading the importance of head protection.

The first official hard hat safety standard (The Light Duty Safety Helmet Standard) was introduced in 1954.

The best head protection for construction workers 2022 Classic hard hats JSP EVO®3 Safety Helmet Slip Ratchet Vented White – (

The JSP EVO3 Safety helmet is the go-to helmet for construction workers across the UK. This hard hat boasts an ultra-tough HDPE (High-density polyethylene) outer shell to protect the wearer from impacts, alongside a soft inner layer made with high quality Egyptian cotton at its core. This ensures comfort and reduces sweat build up.

With the JSP EVO3 safety helmet a snug fit is always achievable. The adjustable harness strap makes this helmet a great choice and enables men and women to find the right size.

If you’re looking for a safety helmet that truly “does what is says on the tin”, you need look no further.

Expertbase Safety Helmet – Rapid Fire Supplies Official Distributors of PW

For those on a budget or needing to purchase hard hats in large quantities, take a look at the Expertbase Safety Helmet. Choose from seven different colours from yellow and orange to blue and red, you should find the right helmet to fit your branding. Available at an exceptional price, these low-cost hard hats pack a punch!

The Expertbase helmets can withstand the weight of 5kg, resist up to 50°C and as low as -10°C. When it comes to safety gear Portwest get it right every time. These helmets are fully compatible with a range of fantastic safety accessories such as these clip on earmuffs.

Safety helmets with visors JSP EVO® VISTAlens® Hard Hat with Integrated Eyewear Vented – (

JSP impress us yet again with the EVO VISTAAlens Hard Hat with Integrated Eyewear. In many tough working environments hazards that may harm the head coincide with hazards which may damage the eyes, such as dust. The safety helmet was designed with the wearer in mind and takes into account the need for eye as well as head protection.

Everything has been considered in the design of this hard hat. There is room for personal prescription glasses under the visor, a safety cell eliminating the risk of harm by ricocheting debris. This safety helmet is available in a variety of colours and can be personalised with your logo to suit every company.

Created for extreme working environment the helmet provides protection in -40°C!

An alternative low cost option is the Endurance Plus Visor Helmet. Portwest are known for their high-quality affordable workwear and this hard hat is no different. A fantastic option for supplying the whole team with head protection this safety helmet protects without breaking the budget.

Alternative head protection AirTech Bump Cap – Rapid Fire Supplies in stock now EN812 certified

A bump cap is a fantastic choice for those working environments where there is a low risk of serious harm, but where hazardous are still present. Comfortable, stylish and practical, a bump cap is the best friend of gardeners, decorators, general labours and DIY enthusiasts who take they safety seriously.

Rounding up Above are some of our favourite safety helmets, available to purchase from us today. PPE is essential to wear in any hazardous environment and head protection is one of the most important aspects of this.

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