Office Interior Trends For 2015

Office Interior Trends For 2015

Office Interior Trends For 2015

As the majority of the British public step back into their offices this week, many businesses would like their workspace to be more quirky and provide a stimulating environment. How can we make our offices a better place to work?

The interior trends of 2015 are reshaping the offices of last year meaning your workspace would benefit from these office design ideas. (That’s if you haven’t already adapted for these changes).

These are the office ideas expected to dominate and influence for 2015:

1) Technology Nearly all the changes that take place within the workspace are due to the developments in technology. With Tablets, Smart Phones and i-Pads becoming more used than the office desktop computer, businesses now have to think about creating space which can incorporate the IT equipment staff use and even make it disappear!

This is why integration of technology is important for 2015.

There is a wide range of options now available which can help utilise technology into your workspace including tables with hidden monitors, chairs with speakers or docking bays and TV’s within storage walls or whiteboards – all of which can work alongside any modern device.

By knowing this, it is also important to make sure your office is using wireless LAN, this allows your mobile terminals to connect and display on a projector or television screen, hassle free.

Ask yourself, is your office up to date on technology?


2) Minimalism From experience, our clients are looking for amazing interiors that are simple, uncluttered, relaxing and less distracting. This is why most people are favouring the idea of “less is more”. But everyone likes something that creates the “wow“ in the office place.

The benefits of having a concise minimalistic design does seem that being clean and orderly does have its workplace benefits.

Adding some decorative features such as colourful flooring or funky lighting will inspire workplace atmospheres.


3) Colour In an online article from Azure magazine the colours of 2015 are Blues, Emeralds and Deep Sea Aqua. This is already turning heads in interior design for your home so why not incorporate this into your office space?

Businesses shouldn’t be afraid to think bold and bright!

Oranges and yellows may sound like a dramatic statement however it will create a great focus point in a reception or breakout area. If you prefer to be more subtle you can incorporate your company colours throughout the room, for example, if your brand is blue with red text, then use both within either material, carpet or screen ideas.

Whatever colour you choose for your space take into consideration the significance and colour schemes which stimulate or soothe the mood depending on the purpose of each space.


4) Eco Offices This is a trend that has been growing for years, so why not make 2015 the year to make your office more Eco-friendly.

This trend works both in the sense that office refits are tending to be more environmentally friendly (LED Lighting, Energy Efficient Heating, Recycling) , and through the fact that more environmental influences (indoor water features, natural colour schemes and decorative patterns that draw on natural influences) are being incorporated into office interior designs. In particular, this year there is in increase in client’s wanting large windows to provide plenty of natural light. Or even an office living wall.


5) Efficiency and Productivity Open plan offices seem simple and cost effective, however it may not be the best solution when it comes to your staff’s productivity. If you have a noisy business this can be distracting for others. In this scenario, sound solutions are a must to consider with either ceiling mounted sound baffles or acoustic shapes (which come in many colours).

Open Plan office designs can still incorporate glass office meeting rooms and including, acoustic pods and noise-cancellation screens can provide the all-in-one solution. ‘Zones’ provide space for your staff to work away from distractions and can also be used for meetings space or as a breakout area.

Remember optimised use of space and creative design concepts for office operations, such as shared spaces, are gaining ever more significance and interest to busy offices.


These are the main trends that we feel are going to stand out this year. However, they are just our opinions and may vary to what others believe. Want to find out more about these trends and how to implement them into your office space? Contact us today on 0333 600 1234.

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