In addition to progressing a number of engineered system builds, we also received purchase orders for individual loose instrument supply. Wessex Water purchased conductivity instrumentation for inlet monitoring at one of their waste-water treatment works, to detect the trade component. We also supplied turbidity instrumentation to Wessex Water for final effluent monitoring. A local authority placed a purchase order for two UVT systems which will be used to screen private water supplies. Anglian Water purchased another portable, battery powered ammonia monitor, for site investigation which was bespoke engineered by PPM. Our Protoic TOC analyser technology was also supplied to a UK textile application to measure final effluent quality. Additionally, a stringent external safety audit was also completed. SAFE CONTRACTOR STATUS AWARDED TO PPM PPM has once again demonstrated their commitment to health and safety by passing the stringent Safe Contractor audit. The certificate is valid for the following 12 months. The Safe Contractor scheme considers H&S policy and procedures, management culture, training methods, risk assessments and best practices. Once again, we are pleased to report that we had no reportable accidents for the last 12 months. In addition, all PPM service engineers have completed safety passport training, a separate qualification for the individual. PPM COMMISSIONS WATER QUALITY MONITORING SYSTEM AT A UK WASTE TO ENERGY FACILITY PPM engineers attended site to commission a bespoke monitoring system comprising Ammonia, TOC, pH and Temperature measurement, at a waste to energy plant located in the north east of England. The monitoring system had been pre-installed by PPM within a walk-in GRP analyser kiosk, provides continuous measurement of surface water quality at the Ash plant. The instruments automatically notify site of unacceptable ingress of the ash component during periods of high surface water run-off. The water quality data is output to the site's DCS system for control and display, within a central control room. ANGLIAN WATER PURCHASE PORTABLE AMMONIA MONITOR Another portable ammonia monitor has been purchased by Anglian Water to allow for the temporary installation at waste water treatment sites, during winter months. The portable instrument will record data to allow Scientists to gain an in depth understanding of the nitrification treatment process especially where continuous measurement is not currently installed. The instrument has been bespoke built by PPM engineers, to allow for battery replacement in the field and simple data downloading to a USB memory stick. PROTOC 300 TOC ANALYSER SOLD TO SCOTTISH TEXTILE MILL We have just supplied a Protoc 300 TOC analyser to a waste water treatment provider who have installed one of their treatment plants to a Scottish textile mill. The end customer manufactures woollen garments and uses a range of dyes within the manufacturing process. Since the effluent can contain dye products in the wash water, the Protoc TOC analyser has been installed to provide continuous measurement of the effluent stream. The technology can quickly respond to changing organic concentrations allowing the treatment system to react accordingly. The Protoc analyser system is ranged 0-1,000ppm TOC which is being used to estimate the corresponding COD concentrations of the discharge in real time.

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