PPM News - September 2020

PPM News - September 2020

September News 2020

With a number of purchase orders already in the system, this has given us an opportunity to progress a number of important bespoke system builds. We finalised the three TOC monitoring kiosks for Luton Airport and made delivery to site; commissioning is scheduled for October. Additionally, we have completed a bespoke monitoring station for Northumbrian Water and also started on fabricating a TOC analyser kiosk for Unilever. Wessex Water placed orders and took delivery of dissolved oxygen and conductivity instrumentation. We also supplied two combined pH and turbidity monitoring on final outfalls, to a site in Oxford which was commissioned to operate in conjunction with an automatic valve system to arrest non-compliant site discharge, all powered by a PV solar power configuration. We also received a significant purchase order to supply eight portable UVT instruments to a major water company needing to verify the performance of their on-line instruments, controlling the UV disinfection process. Severn Trent Water also progressed a purchase order for a further Proam ammonia monitor intended for final effluent measurement. Additionally, we also undertook our ISO9001 quality assurance audit using COVID safe virtual communications.

Unilever place purchase order for their Ninth Protoc TOC analyser monitoring system: We have progressed the build of the ninth Protoc TOC analyser for Unilever and commence the pre-installation within a dedicated GRP reinforced kiosk along with our Paper Band Filtration system. The compact analyser kiosk has been mounted on a metal frame to ensure the instrumentation is at an appropriate height for subsequent operation and maintenance. The pre-installation of the instrumentation reduces the installation time on site and allows PPM to pre-test the monitoring system before our site commissioning visit. Internal lighting and frost protection have been integrated within the GRP kiosk. Each appliance is protected by it’s own dedicated fuse spur. All the internal kiosk plumbing is pre-formed using rigid solvent weld pipework. Once finished, the bespoke monitoring system will be installed to provide continuous effluent measurement with signals connected to the sites BMS system.

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