PPM News - October 2020

PPM News - October 2020

October News 2020

We are pleased to report that we have successfully completed our ISO9001:2015 recertification audit which was conducted by Sira. The external UKAS accredited body scrutinised the effectiveness of our Quality Management System, how our processes are implemented and maintained, and assessed the overall performance of our organisation. The associated annual customer survey also took place to provide important feedback on recent project work. Once again, we are very thankful for the positive commentary received. Site work took place to complete the usual routine service contracts and but also to commission a number of bespoke water quality builds. Two of the three TOC analyser kiosks at Luton Airport are now operational providing baseline data before any de-icing takes place at the Airport. Additionally, a visit to Affinity Water took place to commission a new TriOS installation which will continually monitor raw water quality abstracted for treatment, from the River Thames. TriOS have also launched a new module especially suited for applications where power consumption needs to be preserved at remote locations powered using solar recharging technology. Product sales includes a Proam ammonia monitor to Severn Trent Water for a final effluent monitoring application, WTW instrumentation to Wessex Water and Chemitec pH instruments for several surface water quality projects. We have also supplied our Protoc 300 TOC analyser technology for a waste water monitoring application within the brewery sector.

Once again - excellent feedback from our ISO9001:2015 Customer Questionnaire Survey: In preparation for our ISO9001:2015 audit, we conducted a comprehensive customer survey. We asked our customers who had procured instrumentation from us during the past twelve months, for their feedback on all aspects of their experience. We are pleased to report that we received very positive responses which covered product supply, servicing and technical support. Once again, the quality of our customer support and technical knowledge was detailed as one of our key strengths. We also scored very highly with regards the value and quality of recent project delivery. Our customers reported they were 100% satisfied with the overall performance provided. We also scored extremely highly when compared to the service provided by our competitors, with an average comparative score of 88%. We would like to take this opportunity to thanks everybody who took part and for the very positively commentary received.

Large UK Brewery places order for an additional Protoc TOC analyser: An additional Protoc 300 TOC analyser has been purchased by an established UK brewery, to monitor a waste stream from their brewing process. The Protoc 300 TOC analyser will be configured 0-7,000mg/L TOC and will be installed with our Paper Band Filtration system, inside the brewery. The instrumentation will provide continuous measurement of the dissolved organic carbon in a waste stream from a clarity enhancing process. The Protoc instrument reports in real time and enables proactive effluent stream control and compliance to the site trade discharge consent.

TriOS launch SDI12 interface to support their optical sensor technology: TriOS have just developed and launched a new low cost module to accept the digital communications from one of their optical water quality sensors and transmit the signals using a SDI12 protocol. SD112 (Serial Digital Interface at 1200 baud) is an asynchronous serial communications protocol for intelligent sensors that monitor environment data. These instruments are typically low-power, are used at remote locations, and usually communicate with a data logger or other data acquisition device. The Environment Agency will utilise the blind interface to communicate with their sensors which are reporting nitrate concentrations in remote locations powered using Solar PV technology.

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