PPM News - November 2020

PPM News - November 2020

November News 2020:

New instrument sales were made to Anglian Water Services, for continuous process monitoring at three points across a large water recycling facility. Wessex Water progressed further purchase orders for final effluent turbidity and ammonia measurement. Severn Trent Water also purchased two additional Proam ammonia monitors for final effluent measurement. Northumbrian Water deployed the analytical trailers with PPM’s assistance, to gain valuable insight at their waste water recycling works. Further sales of our Protoc TOC analyser analyser were made to an existing UK client for industrial waste water measurement. Overseas sales included our Proam ammonia monitor, supplied to Taiwan for a waste water semi-conductor application.

Protoc 300 commissioning at a UK consumer goods manufacturing plant A new Protoc 300 TC monitor was commissioned as part of an initial set up on a new waste water treatment plant in the north of England. The UK company who manufactures a large range of cleaning and cosmetic products are looking to have the new plant fully operational in the New Year. The analyser will play a vital role in monitoring and controlling the outlet from the plant. In the event of a high TC concentration, the Protoc 300 will activate divert valves to re-circulate the outlet sample for further treatment.

Northumbrian Water deploy mobile analytical trailers engineered by PPM: Further development on the mobile water quality trailers has taken place through the joint collaboration venture between Pollution & Process Monitoring Ltd and Northumbrian Water. These analytical trailers are playing a key part in accessing waste water treatment plants, and allowing Northumbrian Water to fully assess the impact of varying loads entering the water recycling works. With remote GSM communication Northumbrian Water are able to log in and monitor ‘Real Time’ continuous data of a whole suite of parameters. Waste Water Inlet monitoring can be very challenging, but thanks to engineered sample system from Pollution & Process Monitoring Ltd., reliability of sampling has been achieved.

Proam sale to Taiwanese Semi-conductor plant: Atlas Technology of Taiwan has taken delivery of a Proam ammonia monitor for their client, Advanced Microelectronic Products (AMP), Inc. for a waste water monitoring application. Located in Hsinchu City, AMP is engaged in research, develop, design and manufacture of specialist semiconductor components such as high-end OEM wafers. The manufactured wafers are for components such as metal-oxide semiconductors (CMOS), power metal-oxide semiconductor field-effect transistor (MOSFET) and high-voltage CMOS. The company's products are widely used in IT, home appliances, communications and consumer electronics.

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