Rap and beat-box workshops - Book Here!

Rap and beat-box workshops - Book Here!

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Is it your job to educate, engage or inspire or entertain children?

Do you work in a school (primary school, secondary school, special school or independent school), children’s organisation, care home, secure unit or youth club or any organisation that works with children or young people? If so, we have a terrific arts activity, namely rap and beatboxing, that children really enjoy.

Whether you are working with EBD or difficult to reach teenagers, gifted and talented, delivering a music curriculum or providing a weekend, evening or holiday activity, rapping and beat boxing can really fit the bill.


The rap artist usually begins by introducing themselves, before performing raps to the children or young people. They then do a word rapping game before teaching them how to structure a hip hop rap. The participants, in groups or as individuals, with the help of the artist, then contract their own raps.

What is great about these workshops!

One great thing about rapping workshops is that they can easily embody other key issues. We have used these workshops to propagate citizenship aspects for schools like British values. Also, Black history month, anti-bullying, transition and drug issues and other things. By making these issues, the subject of what children write raps about, the issues are easily embodied in a fun, non-threatening way! Skills such as literacy skills are learned and we even provide rapping to revise for exams

Other things we offer

Their range of workshops includes a plethora of creative, performing and urban arts workshops. For example, they deliver African drumming, Japanese origami, Chinese dance, African mask making and other culturally themes activities. Also, urban arts such as rapping and human beat boxing, graffiti or graffiti mural art, street and break dance, DJ skills and more. On top of this they deliver drama, film, free running, a wide range of kids crafts and many more arts workshops and courses.

Where are they available

These workshops are available in Liverpool, Manchester, Birmingham, London, Flintshire, and Derby and across England and Wales. DBS checked and liability insured workshop artists travel to, and deliver the workshops in your school, centre, home or any other venue.


Based on delivery to groups of 20 + per artist (can work with class sized groups for schools)

•Full day workshop fee / 4hrs (£335.00 per artist/ practitioner) – this is the most cost effective and would normally consist of 2hrs on floor time in the morning and 2hrs in the afternoon or afternoon and evening (total = 4hrs 4 x 1hour sessions – that is delivering to 4 groups of 20+ per day).

•Half day workshop fee / 2hrs (£225.00 per artist / practitioner) – this most typical length workshop would normally consist 2hrs hours/on floor time in the morning or the afternoon

•One-and-a-half-hour workshop fee / 1 ½ hrs (£185.00 per artist / practitioner) – this would consist of 1 ½hrs/on floor time in the morning, afternoon or evening.

•One-hour taster session fee / 1hr (£145.00 per artist/practitioner) – we do offer 1-hour taster sessions in selected fields only.

•There is also a small 4% administration fee with all our commissions (& travel subsidy and/or material costs where necessary). We do not charge VAT! Please call us or contact us through our booking form for a no-obligation quote!

Also note:

Nugent Education Ltd offers value for money workshops and activities. Full day workshops are more cost effective as artists’ can then deliver up to four one-hour workshops to separate groups.

How to book?

Booking is easy; we just need prospective dates (more than 1 option works better), times and a venue address. Also, the number and age of children and number of groups, be it one 2hr, 2 x 1hr, 2 x 2hr or whatever!

Please call one of the team on 0345 113 0000

Or email:

For more information on  Rap and beat-box workshops - Book Here!  talk to  Nugent Education

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