SMAL5612A - SifMig 5556 1.2mm

SMAL5612A - SifMig 5556 1.2mm

Product Code: SMAL5612A

SifMig 5556 1.2mm

Aluminium alloy containing 5.3% Magnesium: all elements are closely controlled for optimum weld strength. Normally used on 5083 (N8) and for military applications

Metal Composition
Melting Point
(Degrees C)
5.3 Mg, 0.8Mn, 0.1Cr, 0.1Ti, Bal Al64030070

EN ISO 18273 S Al 5556A (AlMg5Mn)
BS: 2901 5556


Available in 0.5kg, 2kg and 6.5kg packs. If you are unsure of what you usually buy then please refer to your packet and correlate the number on the pack to the useful Sif product codes below.

Sif Part NumberCorrelating Pack Size
WO3712050.5 kg
WO3712202 kg
WO3712656.5 kg

For more information on  SMAL5612A - SifMig 5556 1.2mm  talk to  Noz-Alls Ltd

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