Where can you find asbestos? – Asbestos pipe insulation

Where can you find asbestos? – Asbestos pipe insulation

Amosite (brown) and crocidolite (blue) asbestos were extensively used in the creation of asbestos pipe insulation and can be incredibly dangerous.

What kind of asbestos pipe insulation can you get?

Asbestos pipe lagging can often be found surrounding water pipes and water tanks to provide thermal insulation. Because asbestos is one of the best known insulators, it worked perfectly for this job, but it comes with some very serious health issues.

How dangerous is asbestos pipe insulation?

Asbestos pipe lagging contains two of the most dangerous types of asbestos.

Most varieties of this lagging are covered in some form of protective exterior, often a type of paint, to keep the asbestos contained. However, it doesn’t take much to disturb the asbestos fibres inside, and the covering can be easily split.

Once this has happened, asbestos fibres may be released into the area and, after prolonged exposure, this can cause a number of asbestos diseases.

How is asbestos pipe insulation removed?

Asbestos pipe lagging should only ever be removed by experts. We can carry out an asbestos survey for you, which will include asbestos testing to find out whether you do have any asbestos within your home.

If we find asbestos pipe insulation, we will decide whether asbestos removal or asbestos encapsulation would be better. In many cases, it’s safer to re-seal and contain asbestos pipe lagging rather than to remove it and risk further contamination.

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