Where can you find asbestos? – Asbestos floor tiles

Where can you find asbestos? – Asbestos floor tiles

Plastic floor tiles were popular throughout the 1950s and right up until the 1980s, when asbestos laws started coming into effect. Asbestos floor tiles were created with polymer and asbestos chrysotile. This combination made strong yet malleable floor tiles that were used in homes, offices and public buildings for years to come.

What kind of asbestos floor tiles can you get?

There was only ever really one kind of asbestos tile, but it’s important to note that they were usually fixed in place using asbestos bitumen adhesive.

How dangerous are asbestos floor tiles?

When left in place, the asbestos in floor tiles poses very little threat. This is because polymer is so strong, so it’s unlikely to fray or break down.

However, if the asbestos tiles are removed, this is when things can get dangerous. You often need to use a scraping tool to bring up the tiles, as asbestos bitumen is incredibly tough, and this can damage both the adhesive and the tile.

How are asbestos floor tiles removed?

Because removing asbestos floor tiles can be so dangerous, it’s best to let the experts handle the job. You can call Northern Insulation Contractors now to arrange an asbestos survey and we will find out whether your home or property contains any asbestos tiles. We will conduct asbestos testing procedures to do this.

If we decide that you need to have asbestos floor tile removal carried out, we can do this in a safe environment and with minimal risk. However, if your asbestos is still in good condition we may recommend that asbestos encapsulation is preferable.

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