The Best Gardening & Landscaping Blogs of 2017

The Best Gardening & Landscaping Blogs of 2017

Getting to grips with gardening and landscape gardening takes time. It’s a lengthy process that many describe as a labour of love. And if you want to get involved in gardening and cultivate your very own labour of love, you’ll want a little advice.

The best place to start? Online.

But there are hundreds of gardening and landscape gardening blogs out there making separating the wheat from the chaff tough work.

Here at Mainland Aggregates we’ve got you covered. To help you get started on your adventure we’ve gathered a list of some of our favourite gardening and landscape gardening blogs out there.

Let’s jump in.

The High Line opened back in 1934 in New York and was intended as a central train route through centre blocks, rather than over avenues, to carry goods to and from Manhattan’s large industrial district. The last train operated on the High Line in 1980 and it’s now an open public space, offering a green haven to New York residents. Their blog looks in detail at implementing green areas into such an urban environment.

Garden Design Magazine, as the name suggests, offers a huge variety of tips on garden design including everything from finding your own garden style to tips on winter gardening. All the content created here is well-written, concise, and packed with actionable advice.

Offering practical, actionable advice, Earthwise Gardening aim to post once or twice a week about all things gardening (including landscape design). They cover everything from helping you grow, to what you can do with your gardens bounty.

As the name suggests, this site covers all things landscape design. On the blog you’ll find simple, easy to follow landscaping ideas and detailed project descriptions that you can follow without having to hire a pro designer. Their articles include detailed pictures, too, making each tip and tid-bit easy to follow.

Run by established author, journalist, and avid-gardener, Alexandra Campbell, the Middle-Sized Garden helps you get to work making the most out of the space you have. The blog covers general gardening advice, seasonal tips, and how to get the best out of your middle-sized space. It’s a must visit for any gardening fanatic.

Deborah Silver is a landscape gardener who has run her own landscape gardening business since 1986. Her blog, Dirt Simple, are ‘the observations of a landscape gardener’ and offer up helpful tips and advice from someone with a vast wealth of experience in the industry.

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