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Kitchen Ventilation Systems

<b><i>Kitchen Ventilation Systems

The Star & Garter Chelveston

Jan 22, 2017

We were approached by our client to design and install a small but efficient kitchen ventilation system that adhered to the specific council requirements which were:

Odour control Noise control (5db less than normal sound from the closest dwelling) 10-15 m/s efflux velocity

After visiting the site to take all necessary measurements and readings we designed and manufactured the kitchen ventilation system. We future proofed the system by installing fans more than capable of moving the necessary airflow requirements. We installed Soler and Palau CVAT acoustic cabinet fans for both extract and supply air, the advantage of the cabinet fan is it has built-in sound attenuation in the walls of the fan, helping to decrease breakout noise from the fans and is also designed to work in high temperatures.

On the extract side of the system, we manufactured a carbon filtration system with pre-filter to eliminate odours and reduced the size of the discharge stack to increase efflux velocity to 12 m/s to help accelerate the odour up and away into the atmosphere. The extract fan was also fitted with attenuators on both inlet and outlet side, to decrease noise once again.

The extract canopy itself was fitted with grease baffle filters, fully seam welded, crush folded safety edges and grease taps.

Supply air was tempered with an electric heater battery that operates automatically at a set temperature, with attenuation inlet and outlet of the fan.

New distribution board was fitted solely for the kitchen and new gas float an interlock installed.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require any kitchen ventilation work, whether it be a fan break down or complete kitchen ventilation system.

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