We like to refresh our coffee machine range with new and exciting machines from time-to-time so that we can offer the newest, innovative designs. We have some great new bean-to-cup and soluble/instant machines to choose from.

Not sure which machine is best for you?

Keep reading and you’ll get more of an insight into each machine and their main benefits.

Vitale S Espresso Bean to cup - with instant milk The Vitale S Espresso is a great, compact machine for both small and medium-sized offices because it is intuitive and easy to maintain. There are 7 different product selections with this machine, including white coffee and café mocha. We recommend this machine if you are looking to offer delicious, specialised drinks in your workplace at the touch of a button. You also have the choice of either manual fill or plumbing, so it's a very flexible option.

Vitale S Instant Instant/ Soluble coffee - with instant milk Vitale InstantRightCoffetek Limited The Vitale S Instant is another machine we recommend to those looking to supply their workforce with something a little different. With offerings such as an Americano or Chocolate, you’re going to keep those in your office happy with a specialised, comforting hot drink at their desk. Like it's sister machine - The Espresso, this machine also has 7 product selections and is also available as manual fill or plumbed-in.

Vitro S2 Instant / Soluble coffee - with instant milk The Vitro S2 is a stunning machine dispensing instant coffee. This machine is best suited for a large office environment because it delivers 300 drinks per day.

Vitro S2 FBT front

Good to knows:

Energy saving mode Flexible drink programming 90% of components recyclable at the end of its life

Vitro X3 Bean to cup - with instant milk We recommend the Vitro X3 (Bean-to-cup Espresso machine) to those working in a large office (with around 100+ consumers) because this machine dispenses 250 drinks per day, and can also provide instant coffee, as it has three soluble canisters alongside the 9-bar brewing system. It’s stylish and contemporary, consisting of an LED lit cup area, making it a great asset to modernise any room. Vitro X3 ESP front Good to knows:

This machine has an energy saving mode 90% of components are recyclable at the end of its life There is a go large option available here

Vitro M3 Bean to cup - with fresh milk The M3 has 10 different product selections, including Café Au Lait, Caffe Latte and Decaffeinated coffee. It can be used alongside various accessories such as the Nayax Cashless system, cup warmer and the universal cabinet.

Vitro M3 Good to knows:

Integrated rinse, clean and de-scaling programs Separate hot water spout so you can make freshly brewed tea There is a go large option available here

Zen Espresso / Instant ZEN+BaseHRFront Bean to a cup or Instant / Soluble coffee - with instant milk

The Zen is finished in stunning ebony glass, complimenting any environment with coffee shop favourites. Zen has a LED-lit cup area with a fully automatic cup dispense system and an in touch patented technology with icons for the simple user interface. We recommend the Zen for larger sized offices as it has the ability to dispense 300 drinks per day. It's also great for larger offices and public areas because the cups and ingredients are all self-contained.

Neo Espresso / Instant Neo image cup warm Bean to a cup or Instant / Soluble coffee - with instant milk

We have both the Neo Espresso and Instant options which have a stylish, smoked glass design. It has a wallpaper graphics system which allows you to pick your own wallpaper to complement your specific environment. Also, it boasts a large open LED lit serving area which allows for various cup choices and sizes too. Adding to this there is also a jug facility providing freshly prepared coffee and tea for those all-important meetings. Like the Zen, all of the cups and ingredients are self-contained in the Neo so again this is great in public areas and office environments.

For more information follow this link: INTRODUCING OUR NEW COFFEE MACHINES

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