General purpose DT series gauges by Magnescale

General purpose DT series gauges by Magnescale

General purpose DT series gauges by Magnescale

Benefitting from legendary reliability, quality and Magnescale technology the general purpose DT series gauges can be used in a wide range of applications from assembly checks to dimensional measuring. All gauges support Ø8mm stem mounting and side mounting with M4 screws.

Regardless of the lower cost, DT series is a highly capable and versatile gauge with a set of accessories to complement. In combination with the MT interpolator, measurement data can be converted into various outputs to suit a customer’s requirement.

DT512/12 • Resolution : 1µm, 5µm • Measuring range : 12mm • Spring push / Pneumatic push • IP64 (P type)

DT32 • Resolution : 5µm • Measuring range : 32mm • Spring push / Pneumatic push • IP64 (P/PV type)

Technology Developed over 50 years digital gauge products use a high grade recording and detecting principle. Precise magnetic recordings are applied to a special proprietary magnetic material. Using a MR (Magneto Resistive) sensor with a unique detecting pattern allows for high accuracy, reliability whilst also allowing for high environmental resistance and strong resistance to temperature changes.

Traceability All Magnescale digital gauges are traceable to national measurement standards with regular accuracy inspections and calibrations to ensure compliance. An accuracy chart is included with each product but also available after the product has been shipped.

For more information on Magnescale digital gauges email us on or visit our website.

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