IC-M87E Compact/Waterproof VHF PBR/Marine ATEX Radio

 IC-M87E Compact/Waterproof VHF PBR/Marine ATEX Radio

Product Code: Commercial Marine Radio

IC-M87E Compact/Waterproof VHF PBR/Marine ATEX Radio The IC-M87 ATEX version conforms to the 94/9/EC ATEX Directive. This version is suitable for use in hazardous areas on land and at

sea such as oil rigs, petrol tankers, etc. This version has a built-in voice scrambler with 32 codes for private transmission. The IC-M87

meets the needs of business and industry users who need a waterproof marine radio and simple PMR radio. This ATEX approved IC-M87 radio offers safety approved 2-way communication preventing explosion and fire hazard in specified

hazardous areas.

Approved classes: The approved rating is II2G EEx ib IIA T3.

Please ensure that the IC-M87 ATEX is acceptable for the intended place of use.

Special conditions for use: Must be used with BP-227AX

Approved Accessories: Speaker-microphone HM-138

Tough, compact, lightweight body, the IC-M87 measures only 62 x 97 x 39 mm and weighs 290g (including BP-227AX). The tough one-

piece aluminium chassis is designed to meet MIL standard requirements.

Waterproof Construction

The IC-M87 is waterproof to IPX7* and has been designed to handle in extreme conditions such as rainstorms, high-humidity and rapid

change of temperature.

  • (1m depth for 30 minutes).

Simple Operation

A large clear backlit LCD display (30 x 8 x 14mm) and backlit buttons provide instant recognition of data and ensures reliable

communication in any lighting conditions. The large volume knob and clearly labelled buttons allow for simple and efficient operation at

all times whether on sea and land.

Lithium-Ion Battery Pack as Standard

The IC-M87 comes with a BP-227AX 1700mAh Li-Ion battery pack. That provides a capacity battery life; a maximum of 23 hours*

operation with no 'memory effect' of the battery.

  • Tx:Rx:Stand-by duty ratio = 5:5:90

Optional Speaker Microphone, HM-138

An optional speaker microphone, HM-138, has waterproof construction equivalent to IPX7. The HM-138 is an approved accessory for

ATEX use.

Built-In Voice Scrambler

The ATEX model has a built-in 32 code voice scrambler compatible with UT-112.

22 Programmable Channels for Land Use

The IC-M87 meets both marine and PMR applications. A simple push of a button toggles the operating band between marine and land

channels. Each PMR channel is programmable* wide/narrow (25/12.5KHz or 20/12.5kHz) channel spacing, and CTCSS and DTCS tone

signalling are built-in.

  • Optional cloning software, CS-M88/M87 and cloning cable are required for programming.

Rapid Charger Available

The BC-152 desktop charger can be set on top of a table or mounted to a wall. The BC-152 accepts various power sources such as an AC

adapter, cigarette lighter socket, or DC power supply. The optional rapid desktop charger BC-119N and multi charger BC-121N are also

available to charge the IC-M87 in 2.5"3 hours. (AD-100 charger adapter is required).

  • Please note that ATEX radios should not be charged in Hazardous environments.

IC-M87 (ATEX Version) Additional Features:

• Normal, priority and tag scanning

• Self check function checks temperature, battery voltage & water intrusion

• Simple Up/Down switches for channel selection

• 4 step battery indicator

• Beep sound is selectable for each button

• High speed cloning (19200bps) between PC and transceiver

• MIL spec. tested to MIL-STD F

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