How can I tell if my Icom Airband radio is 8.33 kHz compliant?

How can I tell if my Icom Airband radio is 8.33 kHz compliant?

In 2012, Icom introduced 8.33/25 kHz versions of the IC-A6E and IC-A24E VHF Airband radios. Both these models meet the 8.33 kHz requirement that will be enforced throughout Europe from January 1st, 2018. Radios manufactured before that date including earlier versions of the IC-A6E and IC-A24E, as well as the IC-A3E, IC-A22E, IC-A200, IC-A20E, IC-A2E and IC-A20MKII, were manufactured with just 25 kHz spacing and are not compliant. None of these models is backwardly compatible. Please find enclosed list of compatible and non-compatible models Not 8.33 kHz compatible • IC-A200 • IC-A2/A20 • IC-A20MKII • IC-A3E/A22E • IC-A24E/A24. Earlier models manufactured before 2012 are not compatible or upgradable. These will apply to serial numbers starting with 023 for the IC-A6E and starting 003 for the IC-A24E. 8.33 kHz compatible • IC-A6E/A24E. Later models manufactured from 2012 (serial numbers starting with 034 for the IC-A6E and starting 014 for the IC-A24E) comply. • IC-A110E. Earlier model (pre-2012) can be upgraded with a firmware update. Later models comply. • IC-A120E • IC-A220T If you want confirmation that your IC-A6E or IC-A24E are 8.33 kHz compliant, contact our sales team on 01227 741741 or with your model’s name and serial number.

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