Whats behind the door!

Whats behind the door!

We are asked a lot about what can be used on an external door, so we thought we would give everyone some information on what you can use internally and externally. Hope it helps! Let us know! We've chosen the brand 'From the Anvil' to highlight the type and finish of ironmongery available for a very traditional look.

A lot of thought, care and research can go into choosing the ironmongery you want to add to your property. These finer touches enhance the look of any room. From period to contemporary finishes, there are many ways to achieve the looks you desire. What helps is that there are many types of finishes to choose from: Pewter, Black, Beeswax, Unlacquered Brass and some of these finishes also come in polished or antique. What you need to look into is which can be used internally and which are for an external door.

Firstly what door do you have? From the Anvil Wooden Front Door

External Doors -

This should be the first question. If you have an external door it may be a composite door, which is made from various materials. Some composite doors will have a multi-point locking system which would require a specific handle; these can be found in our uPVC Door Handles Category. It could also be a double boarded door or any style of wooden door. Double boarded doors can be fitted using thumb latches and T hinges or lever handles and butt hinges. From the Anvil have some stunning finishes that can be used internally and externally and these include pewter patina, black, antique pewter, antique brass and polished brass. If you have framed external doors, they are normally around 44mm thick and would have a 5-lever mortice lock with a lever lock handle. In addition, one or two 5-lever deadlocks would be required for insurance purposes.

Internal Doors -

From the Anvil Internal Door

The most common internal door in a traditional style, often seen in old cottages, is a plank door which is usually around 25mm thick. They can be fitted with a thumblatch and T hinge or a privacy latch. Your internal door could also be another popular style which is the framed door. These vary slightly in size ranging from 30mm - 44mm. As they are thicker they need to incorporate a lock or latch that is recessed or morticed into the door. For this type of door you should use a lever handle or a mortice knob and these would require butt hinges.

Once you have found your door type So now you know what types of ironmongery you need you can look at the finishes and which can be used internally and externally.

Whilst the following can be used outside, be aware that they still need looking after and will still wear.

External materials - Pewter, Black, Antique Brass, Antique Pewter, Polished Brass.

Internal materials - Pewter, Black, Beeswax, Antique Pewter, Antique Brass, Polished Brass,

Pewter From the Anvil Pewter Door Knob

Internal and external use. The texture of this steel is beautiful with a pewter finish. It has excellent anti-erosion properties due to the complex process that goes deep into the metal. We recommend wiping this product with a lightly oiled cloth every now and again.

Satin Black From the Anvil Satin Black

Internal and external use. Durable and corrosion resistant. It is especially resistant to moisture and can be used in bathrooms and damp conditions. This finish is baked in a high-temperature oven.

Beeswax From the Anvil Beeswax Finish

For internal use only. The beeswax is used to preserve the beautiful authentic finish for steel. You can preserve the beeswax finish by using From the Anvil maintenance wax.

Antique Pewter From the Anvil Antique Pewter Finish

Internal and external use. This unique finish is achieved through a complex process which is applied to a solid brass metal giving it excellent anti-corrosion properties. It differs from pewter by having a smoother surface. As with the standard pewter, maintain the finish with a lightly oiled cloth every now and again.

Antique Brass Heritage Brass Antique Brass Finish

Internal and external use. Treated to speed up the natural tarnished process. Giving an antique feel and look, it is burnished making it smooth in appearance.

Polished Brass Project Hardware Polished Brass

Internal and external use. All From the Anvil brass products are manufactured to the highest standard and come unlacquered, which can be maintained by polishing with a good quality metal polish. If the intention is to allow the surface to age through oxidization, then polishing is not required. The brass will acquire a darker and more aged patina over time.

If you are ever unsure of what to buy or how to maintain your products, just ask us and we can guide you through it. We have a live chat on our website or you can call us on 01252 786510. Email

For more information on  Whats behind the door!  talk to  Acorn Ironmongery Ltd

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