How Window Film Ensures an Environmentally Friendly House

How Window Film Ensures an Environmentally Friendly House

Being eco-friendly is the name of the game as we move further into the 2020s. Whether it’s what we buy, where we get our food, how we get to work or what we have for dinner, sustainability is at the very heart of modern thinking.

The fight against climate change and the quest for sustainability very much starts at home, our consumer habits and own houses is where many of us can make a real difference.

But what does a real difference look like? And, how can we ensure our buildings are as sustainable as possible?

Eco Friendly Windows

Around 10% of all wasted energy from homes is lost via its windows so it makes sense to start there. Ensuring you have energy-efficient windows installed is one of the first places many people start when trying to make their homes greener while bringing down energy costs.

Installing upgraded double glazing is one way this can be achieved. Their design allows a double layer of separated glass to dramatically reduce the amount of heat lost through windows. As the technology involved is always changing, this means that double glazing installed 20 years ago won’t be as efficient as if it was installed today.

The issue with this method of reducing energy waste is the cost and time involved with replacing multiple windows at once. While it may be feasible in some homes, it’s simply not an option for many commercial buildings.

This is where window film comes into its own as a cost-effective alternative to double glazing. It provides the same environmental benefits as double glazing, with greatly reduced costs and a much easier installation process.

It’s also highly versatile, with many options available for those wanting to improve their home or office’s energy efficiency.

Energy Control Window Film Energy control window film is one of the most effective ways in which to improve building efficiency. It insulates windows, preventing unwanted heat loss, and could save up to 30% of total energy costs with a payback period of as little as three years

Solar Control Window Film Specifically designed to improve comfort in the home and productivity in the office, solar control film reduces glare whilst providing thermal insulation. This helps keep heat in in the cooler months and assists with air conditioning efficiency in the warmer ones. This helps to bring down the costs associated with both heating in the winter and cooling in the summer.

Window Insulation Film Window insulation film works similarly to solar control film in that it rejects unwanted external solar heat in warmer weather and retains internal heat during the colder months. It features many properties that are similar to both energy and solar control films such as UV protection, temperature management and energy savings. However, it has increased levels of insulation for higher performance in colder climates and is highly transparent – perfect for eco windows in a sustainable home.

3M Thinsulate Another option is using 3M’s Thinsulate window film. 3M are one of the originators of window film and have been producing films since the 1960s. Their low emission window film rejects heat in warm weather and retains it in the cold, similar to other products. 3M’s offerings are particularly useful when looking to ensure the sustainability of larger commercial buildings.

Reducing Your Carbon Footprint Through Sustainable Windows Making your old windows energy efficient by adding window film is an easy way to reduce your carbon footprint. Research from the Building Research Establishment (BRE) highlights that up to 40% of energy used by office air conditioners comes as a result of solar energy gain coming via windows. Installing window film to mitigate this has the potential to reduce as much as 80% of that gain, reducing C02 emissions by 30%.

Window film technology has evolved in recent years. There was a time when transparency was an issue that prevented them from being truly effective, however, this is now not the case. Lighting contributes hugely to energy costs, particularly in commercial buildings. Using advances in window film technology allows windows to still let in high levels of natural light, even with multiple layers of film installed.

Sustainable Window Film From Guardian At Guardian Window Film, we’re proud to help businesses and homeowners alike get more from their windows. Our range of energy control window films helps bring costs down, often resulting in the initial cost of installation being paid off in a few years.

We are also very proud to be an active member of the UK Sustainable Development Association. Formed as a direct response to climate change, we’re committed to encouraging the use of sustainable and environmentally responsible products, technologies and services. All members of the association have expertise in sustainable practices and their wider implications, helping to mitigate the impact of existing urban developments and new building projects on the environment.

The association is a valuable resource for both the public and private sectors, helping to formulate carbon footprint policy and environmental guidelines at national down to regional level.

If you think your home or business could benefit from our sustainable window films, get in touch with our team for more information now.

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