Mykonos Grace Interior Installation

Mykonos Grace Interior Installation

Fabric Architecture’s Fabric Interiors Group has just completed a very unique fabric ceiling installation in a Luxury Boutique Hotel (Mykonos Grace) on the Island of Mykonos, Greece. Mykonos Grace was listed as one of the World’s Best Hotels in Conde Nast (2007) and winner of the European Design Award’s Hotel Design of the Year (2007). This project was a joint collaboration with internationally recognised Architect/Fashion Designer, Myrto Dramountani and London/Athens based architectural firm Divercity.

Project Brief:

The project brief was to design and install a bespoke backlit suspended tensile fabric ceiling in the intimate poolside Grace Restaurant as part of dramatic renovation. Key Design Element: The ocean breeze should be able to move through the ceiling creating what Nikolas Travasaros, Divercity, calls “a choreography of shadows through the light.”


When asked about the vision for the fabric ceiling, Ms. Dramountani said: “The inspiration was the bottom of the sea, the materials that we find in the sea and the light that is created in the water through fish nets. The fabric ceiling was inspired from my latest collection, which was presented during the Athens fashion week (as shown). The inspiration for the collection was fabric itself, digital design programs, laser techniques, architectural 3d effects and texture.”

Ms Dramountani describes why she chose fabric as a medium: “Fabric is not a material that is traditionally used in architecture. I chose it because fabric does not limit inspiration and its flexibility allows it to work well as a ceiling and a feature. The idea of using laser-cut fabric for a ceiling reflects the lightness and freedom that we all want to feel when indoors. This fabric ceiling opens a window of communication - it gives you the feeling that there is no limit. The light coming through fabric could imply the lightness and freedom of a comfortable chic dress.”

Design Solution:

The design team at Fabric Architecture created a mock up panel to ensure what we thought was possible, could actually be achieved. The client was pleased with the result, given they wanted a supplier that were “experts in using fabric in architecture and one that understood the precision needed for the fabric cuts.”
The design solution is a series of three unique suspended ceiling panels measuring: 2no 3m x 3.5m and 1 no 4.5m x 1m. Each panel has over 3,000 small right angles cut out (with high tech diamond blades). Each right angle measures 50mm x 50mm. Squares are cut 20mm a part as to create a waffle type pattern. The patterning and cutting was very meticulous and the result is absolutely beautiful.

The Fabric:

With this many cuts into the fabric, selecting the right fabric was important. Fabric Architecture recommended a fabric that we helped pioneer called Silicone Glass Weave (SGW). The SGW fabric retains its shape and integrity under tension, even with the multitude of ‘cuts’.

SGW is environmentally friendly, 100% recyclable and it offers up to 40% light transmission. It’s fire retardant and easy to maintain. SGW provided the perfect canvas to realize the designers’ vision.


The three fabric panels were placed into lightweight metal frames and were suspended using a series of aluminium cables.
Installation was very easy, making the system cost effective for the client.

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