20 Uses For A Pressure Washer

20 Uses For A Pressure Washer

Pressure Washer Uses Here are 20 great ways to use your pressure washer around the home to save time, money, and hassle. What are you waiting for? Let’s get to work. 1. Clean The Car An obvious starting point but a pressure washers are most commonly used for car washing duties. Whether it’s the family saloon or a work vehicle, the jet of water will blast mud, dirt, and grime away in next to no time. This makes it a quicker, easier job than taking the manual approach – and is a lot more enjoyable too! Given that many cars now utilise paint jobs that do not require waxing, this signals a job well done.

  1. Clean The Garage Door By using the spray gun or patio cleaning attachment, your pressure washer can become a useful tool for removing the dirt that accumulates over the months – particularly during winter. This can be used on virtually all garage door materials, sizes, and colours while it’s likely to help clean your driveway in the process. The days of scrubbing away without seeing any real progress are finally a thing of the past, which we can all agree is a positive outcome.

  2. Blow Leaves Away The power of a pressure water makes it the ideal tool for blowing leaves away from drains or the ground throughout the autumn months, saving you a lot of time and allowing you to keep the garden looking its best at all times. This enables you to put the rake away to enjoy a quick and easy tidy up. Once they’ve dried up a little, simply dispose of them in your compost or any other disposal unit you may be utilising. It truly is that easy.

  3. Wash Conservatory Roof Cleaning the conservatory windows is easy, but washing the roof is a little tougher. However, the fact that cats and birds will continue to leave marks means that you need to clean it regularly. Rather than calling out an expert, utilise the pressure washer. A quick wash will get rid of most marks. Any stubborn stains may require a little additional effort or may require you to climb a ladder and shoot down onto the roof. Either way, you should be able to get things clear in no time.

  4. Clean The Home’s External Walls Brickwork can become stained, but a quick blast from the pressure washer will soon solve this problem. This should get rid of any dust that has accumulated, and can be used on a wide range of wall materials. Better still, the use of plain water ensures that you won’t discolour the brickwork or penetrate the cement with dangerous chemicals. If you have a house, the range and power of the jet allow you to reach high places as well as difficult crevices.

  5. Fix The Lawn Mower The uses of your pressure washer will fall short of being able to cut the grass. Still, the handy device can certainly help keep your lawn mower in great health. If your lawn mower has started performing badly, there’s a good chance that it is clogged with debris. A quick blast from thepressure washer will soon solve this problem by forcing grass and other materials to come free. Just be sure to allow time for the blades to dry before next cutting the grass.

  6. Clear The Gutters Gutters are another feature that are likely to get clogged by leaves, debris, and other waste materials. If you can claw those items out by hand, that’s great. However, the force of the water sprayed from the pressure washer should quickly unblock any clogs within the pipes until it comes out at the bottom. Aside from making the external parts of the home look nicer, this could be key to preventing overflowing and the damage that it can bring.

  7. Wash (Certain Plants) Make no mistake; you don’t suddenly want to blast rose petals from 2ft away. However, if you stand back at a distance, pressure washers can be used to water bushes, trees, and various flower types. Essentially, it can replace your traditional garden hose. Combine this task with the other jobs around the grade to complete a full garden and external clean up in next to no time. It’ll save time, money, and effort in the long run.

  8. Clean Pipes As the idea of clearing the gutters shows, placing the hose of a pressure washer into a pipe before blasting the blockages away is a very effective use of the device. This can force food particles and trapped materials through the sink’s pipework, taking nasty smells with them too. Specialised draining kit attachments can be bought to make this an even easier task, and homeowners should be open to the idea of using it. It’ll aid the function and prevent future issues before they surface.

  9. Remove A Wasp Nest Most homes are likely to encounter a few critters from time to time. The vast majority are harmless, but a wasp nest is something that needs to go immediately. While there are alternative methods, using the pressure washer may be one of the best. It may seem a little harsh to blast the insects and their home away, but leaving them could pose a significant threat. On a similar note, spider webs can be disposed of in a quick and timely fashion.

  10. Overcome The Bin Smells Outside waste bins get dirty. They get smelly. And they become an utter eyesore for any homeowner. The pressure washer can quickly remove grime from the outside of the bin as well as the lid. However, you can also fill the bin with water from the pressure washer in next to no time before leaving it overnight. Let the water go in the morning and then rinse the bin once more using the device. Voila.

  11. Peel Potatoes Peeling potatoes is arguably the most tedious of all food prep tasks. However, you can complete the far quicker by taking the spuds outside and placing them in a crate before blasting them to make the skins disappear. It’s an incredible little trick that saves you from the mundane task and the threat of cutting your fingers on the peeler. Nobody enjoys the stinging sensation of washing up shortly after taking away a layer of skin.

  12. Get A Ball Out Of A Tree Everyone has accidentally thrown or kicked a ball into a tree at one time or another. Depending on the shape of the branches and your individual climbing skills, removing it in the traditional sense can be difficult. Thankfully, the power of the water spray from a pressure wash is usually more than capable of blowing the ball out of the branches so that it will fall back to the ground. This should prevent a number of cuts and bruises.

  13. Wash The Garden Fencing Wooden fencing can become dirty and weary-looking over time. An annual clean with the pressure washer will keep them looking far clearer to protect the paintwork and retain that aesthetic of a brand new fence. Panels and gates alike can be washed with minimal effort, and you should find that standard attachment is more than capable of handling this job. Whether it’s treating a new fence or restoring the former glory of an old one is entirely up to you.

  14. Clean The Deck The flooring of wooden decks and stone patios can also benefit greatly from a few minutes of washing via the pressure washer. The water will remove foot marks and general dirt without causing any damage to the materials. Given that these areas are used to handling rainwater, they will naturally dry too. If you are going to blast the banisters or stairs, however, you’ll want to be careful of the splashback. Otherwise, you may end up getting soaked.

  15. Clean The BBQ Oven You probably know that it’s possible to clean rattan furniture and plastic materials with the pressure washer – as long as you’ve remove fabrics first. However, the handy device can also be used to clean the BBQ oven. Let’s face it; getting rid of the burnt in stains can be immensely tough. A quick blast inside the oven with the gun will wash even the most stubborn of food stains away, leaving you with an oven that looks brand new.

  16. Garage Floors The garage door isn’t the only part of the garage that can be cleaned. Open the door, clear the space, and spray the concrete floor so that the dirt runs away from the garage and onto the driveway. From there, you can quickly move it towards drains until it is flushed away. You’ll want to give the garage floor a chance to dry out before shutting the door once more. Nonetheless, this is a fantastic way to restore the beauty of a commonly overlooked area.

  17. Clean The Chimney A pressure washer may not stand out as the obvious candidate for chimney sweep duties. However, the power of the blast combined with the non-damaging properties of water make it far more practical than you might first think. While it’s almost certain to feel a little strange at the first attempt, you should find that this becomes a winner function for your pressure washer device. An annual clean should suffice.

  18. Test Your Roof If you’ve repaired a roof or installed a new solution, it’s vital that you test its strength and capabilities of protecting everything below. A pressure washer lets you do this with great results. If a problem does surface, you can instantly stop the pressure by letting go of the trigger. Alternatively, if the roof can handle the water from the unit, it will also be excellent against the rain. By simulating the extreme weather, it can actively prepare the materials for those situations.

  19. Strip Paint When used in the desired fashion, the pressure washer can clean items without causing damage. But if you crank up the pressure, stand close, and use the right attachments, it can become a useful paint stripper. Outside walls, fences, and units can all be treated in this manner, leaving you in a position to start painting far sooner. When added to the other possible uses mentioned above, it’s clear that the pressure washer was a smart purchase indeed.

At Diesel Generator Direct we currently stock two types of pressure washer;

Petrol Pressure Washer

Cheaper than their diesel counterparts petrol power pressure washers are lighter and therefore more portable, perfect as a patio cleaner both diesel and petrol pressure washers benefit from extreme portability by not requiring a mains socket for power.

Diesel Pressure Washer

Diesel powered pressure washers are usually heavier machines, but the fuel lasts longer making them cheaper to run than a petrol pressure washer. Another benefit to the diesel pressure washer is that it has a higher flow rate.

Pramac Pressure Washers

At Diesel Generator Direct we currently stock the Pramac PW240 petrol engine driven pressure washer and the Pramac PW4000 diesel engine pressure washer. They’re both high quality electric start, high pressure jet washers with good sized hose length that make for a perfect for outdoor cleaning, cleaning patios and decking, garden furniture or your diesel generator for example, both fantastic heavy duty power washers.

For more information on  20 Uses For A Pressure Washer  talk to  Diesel Generators Direct

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