CLIENT Network Rail; the organisation responsible for the running, maintenance and development of Britain’s rail tracks and signalling.

CHALLENGE Network Rail run regular health and safety sessions for their staff. These workers can feel uncomfortable with sharing opinions, and prefer to remain anonymous. There is also limited time in these sessions. Network Rail wanted to create an environment where; -Staff would be willing to discuss issues -Concerns and challenges experienced by staff could be recorded -Accurately report these results to support the need for change in some areas.

HOW WE HELPED Crowd Insight worked with Network Rail and tailor made an audience response system to suit their individual needs. Our years of experience creating interactive questions enabled us to craft questions specifically designed to encourage debate. The system also captured data and opinions that staff had anonymously sent using our keypads Having programmed the system, we worked set up the hardware up on site. Our software’s reporting features enabled the management team to identify areas of concern and accurately assess where problems lay. A range of reports were produced and analysed post-event.

THE RESULT Andy Pheby from Network Rail has been able to provide robust reports which highlight staff concerns and opinions on health and safety. This has been used to campaign and gain changes in health and safety across the rail sector – not just at Network Rail but also beyond. The company were so impressed they have subsequently purchased additional systems, and hire additional equipment when required. Andy says of using Crowd Insight's system; “In a limited amount of time I can provoke conversation and capture feedback instantly. The reporting tool also allows me to demonstrate to the senior management team, how staff feel about current issues. Using this information we have been able to drive safety changes across the industry. I am really impressed with Crowd Insight. They took the time to listen to me and understand my needs; as a result I feel they fit the product to me, rather than expecting me to fit to the product. Customer service and after sales support is excellent. I really appreciate the working relationship I have with John, and that he understands me; he knows what will work in our business and only makes appropriate recommendations. I believe they provide good value for money and I would sum them up as all round good eggs!"

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