Cheltenham Borough Homes

Cheltenham Borough Homes

This case study was written under Crowd Insight's previous name, Votech

Cheltenham Borough Homes use electronic voting at their Annual Conference for Tenants and Leaseholders.

CHALLENGE To provide information and consult on company developments. To examine how Cheltenham Borough Homes could improve its services and fully address its customers' needs.

SOLUTION To hold an annual conference and to encourage as many tenants as possible to attend. To utilise a wide range of tools including 'market stalls', workshops, information boards, presentations, electronic voting and interactive sessions to engage tenants and capture their views. The keypads were to be used to specifically gauge the views of the attendees on key issues. The keypads are easy to use and encourage the whole audience to contribute.

RESULTS The conference was a great success. The keypads were very popular and provided a fun and quick way to express opinions. All the data collected was instantly available in a variety of ways to make it very easy to formulate reports which were displayed on their web site. Along with the results posted on their website Votech received a thank you "for their help and professional service over the last two years."

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