The latest in external cladding

The latest in external cladding

It doesn't matter how much effort you put into the preparation of timber - knots and other blemishes can bleed through and board shrinkage may show in the summer.

So we're delighted to offer a brand new external cladding upgrade called Tricoya, an amazing product that has around 50 years of life and can be added to any new building along with the Sadolin Superdec top coat preservative.

Tricoya will look like new for many years This amazing new external MDF can be machined to our requirements, giving us the opportunity to keep the look of Shiplap cladding, or change to a vertical V-groove or others - and will look like new for many years.

While we will keep the standard painting option, this really is a great move forward for external cladding. And here is the great thing, due to its cost we are selling this on a per board basis, so you may be surprised how cheap this upgrade could be, particularly if only one or two sides of your building are visible. Come and see this fantastic product at our main showground.

Why I am so impressed - my cladding test While I appreciate all the detailed specifications offered, I always like to run my own tests before taking a product to market. Along with a regular section of external MDF, I sat untreated and treated panels in a bowl of water outside for a period of six months.

The results

After six months, the regular external MDF section had swollen by 2mm and was starting to break down. And while the treated section of MDF performed better, it was also showing signs of water ingress.

However, there was no swelling of the Trocoya section - even in the untreated panel. To test it further, I cut the section in half that had now been sitting in water for a total of seven months, and there was no sign of any water ingress at all.

My conclusion

I have never seen a product like this! Its amazing resistance to water, and its capability to be machined, really makes this a stand out product and a huge step forward for external claddings.

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