Firestone EPDM roof & rear height package

Firestone EPDM roof & rear height package

Thanks to our new Firestone EPDM roof and rear height package, there's now no need to compromise on the internal height of your summer house or garden building if built close to your garden boudary.

No more planning permission for your summer house Since the planning rules changed in 2007 and buildings could be no more than 2.5m high (if within 2m of your boundary), many of our customers have been either forced to compromise on the perfect internal height or apply for planning - adding cost and time to the project.

We currently use an SBS roofing felt with a rubber washer screw to fix, and this is recognised to be the best felt and fix possible. However as it has joints, you need to put a substantial fall to avoid capillary attraction. So on a standard roof you could expect 250mm (10 inches), making some pent building as low as 1950mm internal rear.

Firestone EPDM gives you an almost perfectly flat roof However, the new Firestone EPDM roof means that all this can be avoided. This amazingly durable product is specially ordered in for each building and comes as a single sheet to fit the entire roof. The roof is glued, so has no mechanical fixings through the product on top. This, plus no joints means we can have an almost perfectly flat roof.

In fact we have installed this on one of our demonstration buildings at our main showground and this had a 50mm drop over 5,000mm and even this is more than enough.

10 year guarantee and 50 year life expectancy EPDM is ethylene propylene diene monomer, a fire rated a synthetic rubber. Firestone offer a 10 year guarantee and a 50 year life expectancy on this product, and they are recognised as being the best in this relatively new industry.

Whilst we will continue to sell the SBS felt as our standard option, I am sure you will agree the Firestone EPDM roof and rear height package is a great new option.

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