Regulations state that all oil storage tanks above the ground must have secondary containment.

ReBund is a heavy-duty, modular, bolt-together on-site system for either new or existing installations.

Made from high-strength galvanised steel and heavy-duty recycled polypropylene wall profile sections.

ReBund is a much lower cost option than normal construction and is just as effective. It benefits your budget and the environment!

Complex shapes are easily made end section of ReBundReBund is based around a 1000 or 2000 x 300 mm standard profile. Simply layout the shape, calculate the volume of liquid to be contained (normally 110% of the capacity of the primary tank) and decide how high the ReBund wall needs to be - 300, 600 or 900 mm.

Developed along with the Green Business Network, ReBund not only makes a major contribution to second-life, recycled products but is also a first class, strong, durable and economic long-term solution.

Welcomed by the Evironment Agency, ReBund helps any operator comply with important Pollution Prevention Guidelines.

ReBund is designed to fix to the ground with minimal disturbance. On very soft ground the support plates can be exchanged for special posts concreted-in to a suitable depth.

On most smaller installations ReBund will be rigid enough to withstand the dynamic pressures of a sudden inrush of liquid in the event of a major burst. For larger installations lateral tension wires are installed underneath the liner and base material.

Sometimes, if the base is sound and "water-tight" there is no need for further lining. In this case ReBund is super economical and even quicker to install.

Where a liner is needed we only use the heavy-duty Sarnafil system. This well-tried and tested polymer lining system is installed by certified professionals and carries a 10 year warranty.


The ReBund principle is well established with many similar installations throughout the USA Canada and in the UK. It works equally well in hot climates or cold climates.


Lower site preparation costs Lower material costs Lower labour costs (faster installation - less labour input) Lower maintenance costs

Technical Details


6mm thick, hot-galvanized steel in 300, 600 or 900mm high options

Support fixings:

M10. Fix using M10 through-bolts or similar depending on base material


High density recycled polypropylene in 150/300mm height, 1000/2000mm length, 50mm depth

Water-tight friction-fit connection

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