Angular Spectral Measurements with the New CubeX-150 from ELDIM

Angular Spectral Measurements with the New CubeX-150 from ELDIM

ELDIM’s multi-angle spectroradiometer CubeX-150 is ideally suited for both R&D teams and mass production lines due to its speed, accuracy and multi-application use.

The CubeX-150 is based on completely new technology patented by ELDIM.

To understand this technology, imagine that you are moving a spectrometer around the DUT and taking a measurement every 2.5° in a viewing cone of +/-60°. The CubeX-150 provides flicker information at all these angles.

The measurement takt time of the equipment is less than 2 seconds, and all of the acquired data can be transferred by ethernet cable or WIFI.

This equipment operaties in the visible wavelength range and is used to measure displays including LED, OLED, uLED and Micro Displays in a wide range of sectors including Automotive, Avionics, General displays, Military and Mobile applications.


Specifications CubeX Viewing Angle ±60° Measurement Type Transmissive Equipment Technology ELDIM-ASM CIE Filters No Wavelength 380-700nm Proximity Sensor Yes Flicker Yes Measuring Spot 12mm Measuring Distance 12.5 mm Angular Resolution 2.5° Chromaticity Accuracy (x,y) 0.002 Luminance Range 0.1-100000 Cd/m² Luminance Accuracy 2% Repeatibility Chromaticity (x,y) 0.0004 Wavelengh Resolution on Axis 2nm Ethernet 1 Gbits Wifi Yes Measurement Takt Time (full map) <2s Use Conditions 5-30°C Weight 5.8 kg Outer Dimension (unit in mm) 182mm x172mm x172mm

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