Introducing Luxury Guest Supplies

Introducing Luxury Guest Supplies


Alliance has created our latest collection of guest amenity products with the individualism of our customers in mind. Carefully selected over seven exciting ranges, our aim is to offer a solution to the most demanding of environments. To ensure a luxurious experience with a personal touch, our collection has been thoughtfully developed from high quality ingredients and materials. Set out on a mission to indulge your guests’ senses with a fragrance and range that is right for your guests.


Our designers have considered every detail, from fragrance to packaging. Each specially formulated blend has an inimitable character, making it perfect for that distinctive statement and setting. Complement your selection with our stylish ranges of display plinths and accessories to build your own guest experience within your environment. Offering specifically formulated products to cater to the needs of the guest supplies market, Alliance is providing both contemporary and classic solutions with a range of mid and high-end offerings.


Development of this collection has been guided by our deep understanding of the needs and priorities of our customers in the hospitality industry. The result is a comprehensive range of travel essentials which combine an air of genuine luxury with affordability to maximise your guests’ experience. Our collection in produced using an electrodeionization water purification system which ensures a high degree of water purity and adds to their environmental credentials.


Modern, Passionate and Powerful, Energize is an elegantly fragranced range featuring the sweet musky scent of patchouli oil which envelopes the body and intoxicates the senses. Strikingly presented, this distinctive range makes a dramatic statement in contemporary settings. The subdued 50ml bottles and stylish metal caps are finished with an artistically varnished Z, creating Energize’s unique character. Developed with an ecologically conscious approach, Energize is a great option for high end establishments seeking to provide their guests with modern sustainable solutions.


Symbolic features a harmonious blend of Bergamot complemented by citrus hints of Lime and Mandarin to create a complex fragrance formulated for sophisticated consumers. Finished with Rose and Ylang Ylang essential oils, this range strives to truly nourish and pamper.The elegant contemporary packaging design features 40ml liquids and premium gold foil lettering, ensuring your guests are left with the lasting impression of luxury.


Pure, with all its timeless and refreshing characteristics, is designed with relaxation in mind. Pure’s light and refreshing products harness the revitalising properties of White Tea, thought to be the elixir of youth and vitality in Chinese culture. With the carefully selected mix of Orange, Clove, Coriander and Geranium, Pure uses complex essential oils to offer an invigorating experience and enhance natural radiance. This classic offering comes in 30ml and 45ml bottles, perfect for mixing and matching within your guest room environments.


Designed with a complex blend of White Jasmine, Fresh offers a light and zesty fragrance to relax the body and delight the senses. Packaged in 30ml tubes, Fresh is designed on two complementary colour palettes, making the range perfect to mix and match within guest bathrooms or into a spa setting. Fresh maintains clean lines and the image of a light and contemporary range.


Inspired by the calming sensitive nuances of nature, One Life combines elements to create a gentle soothing experience. Thoughtfully formulated from the finest natural ingredients, the collection presents environmentally conscious guests with a sensitive solution. Carefully packaged in a 30ml offering, the Amber fragrance features tones of Cedar Wood, Patchouli and Musk which combine to create a scent reminiscent of the refreshing power of the great outdoors.


Aqueous is founded on modern styling and image delivery. Its products are infused with an invigorating minty mandarin fragrance which is beautifully presented in slender 30ml transparent bottles, a package which perfectly complements the eye catching range. Aqueous offers a revitalising contemporary Spa styled experience for your guests, whilst blending in with the decoration of the most distinctive environments.


Subtly scented with Passionfruit and Frangipani, Elements offers a classical, yet modern styled experience to delight the senses. Presented in exquisite neutral packaging, Elements comes in 40ml bottles and provides your guests with a touch of style and sophistication.


Complementary Accessories are the perfect way to show you care about your guests’ experience and offer the opportunity to demonstrate additional value through carefully selected items. Our comprehensive range of ten neutral accessories consists of practical and functional additions to your guest rooms or concierge service. Stylishly minimalistic, the transparent packaging and modern graphics create a contemporary feel to the offering, which is designed to fit in seamlessly with any of our ranges and surrounding décor.


Highly appealing and versatile, our set of contemporary accessories has been designed to work with any range to create a clean and modern feel to your hotel bathroom.


Complementary display plinths are a great way to show your range of amenity products in guest environments. Available in a range of sizes and colours, they are both stylish and hygienic.

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