Electronic Locking Slide Systems That Make a Difference

    Electronic Locking Slide Systems That Make a Difference

As the leaders in manufacturing and designing of ball bearing telescopic slides around the world, Accuride is often approached to solve difficult problems. Our engineers love a challenge and the thought of getting our teeth stuck into a project that allows us to work with our latest technology, and express our creativity in order to find the perfect solution.

A common problem for car dealers around the world is how to keep the keys for vehicles safe. It can be difficult to ensure that the system is efficiently storing and locating the keys so that staff always have the right key.

One of our customers, Bidlingmaier Technologie GmbH, was asked by a leading automotive manufacturer to produce a system to solve this problem. Currently most car dealers must manually manage the safekeeping of keys. Due to human error, this meant that keys were often lost and there was no record, which meant that they could not be tracked properly. Replacing lost car keys is an unnecessary and expensive cost.

The requirement was for an electronic storage system that could digitally control access and keep a record of the movement and location of all keys. This makes it easy for each user to store and get access to the right key at the right time.

Bidlingmaier built this solution Memlock around the Accuride E-Lock system with drawer slides, which would allow each employee access to the specific key required. This eliminates the chance of the wrong key being picked. The Memlock system also helps to prevent the future loss of keys, as each key can be tracked with data available specific to the keys movements.

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