Accuride Telescopic Drawer Slides for Under Stairs Storage Solutions from JET PRESS

Accuride Telescopic Drawer Slides for Under Stairs Storage Solutions from JET PRESS

With the use of Accuride telescopic drawer slides, the possibilities of under stairs storage seem to be endless. Every day, architects and designers come up with new ideas for making the most of our living space. Their objective is to utilise as much space as possible so that no area goes to waste.

Whether it’s a stand-alone solution or a bespoke system, Accuride telescopic drawer slides allows you to maximise the under stairs space perfectly. In addition, the slide system fills the space faultlessly as well as providing easy access. Tailored Systems Using Telescopic Drawer Slides for Under Stairs Storage

When it comes to under stairs storage units, conventional slides from the furniture industry simply cannot meet the demanding requirements. The larger or heavier the unit is, the more difficult it is to adjust the fronts and get a flat even finish. The depth of the drawers also plays an important factor as without the correct slides reachability is troublesome.

JET PRESS, an Accuride distributor, has been working with different customers in the field of Under Stairs Storage for many years and is well aware of these problems.

In contrast, heavy-duty Accuride drawer slides for industrial applications are perfect as they are extremely durable with precise rail guidance. They hold the weight of the doors and ensure perfect alignment on the drawer fronts.

Accuride drawer slides complement under stairs storage systems by allowing unused space to be easily accessible. The quality along with durability enables these Accuride slides to slide in and out effortlessly. Joel from buss, one of JET PRESS’ customers who specialises in the use of space under stairs, knows this too. By using Accuride telescopic slides, buss is able to fulfil all the wishes of its customers. Whether it is the storage of shoes, sports equipment, coats, dryers, freezers, wine racks, ironing boards, vacuum cleaners or even dog beds.

We asked Joel why he uses Accuride products and he confirmed:

“I use Accuride telescopic drawer slides due to their high load capacity, because in the end we build big drawers. They run smoothly and have proven to be very reliable over the years”.

In fact, Accuride drawer slides are known for their quality and long life; tests include up to 80,000 test cycles. Functions such as the 100% + over extension or soft-close are also optimally designed for use under stairs. They protect sensitive objects and allow easy access.

If you have further questions about the uses of Accuride telescopic slides, please do not hesitate to talk to the experts from JET PRESS. They have years of experience in selling Accuride drawer slides and are looking forward to supporting your project.

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