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Claude Lyons Limited

We would like to take this opportunity of welcoming you to our web site and hope you find it useful in providing you with an overview of our products and services.

Claude Lyons are a part of an experienced group of electrical and electronic engineering companies who manufacture and supply voltage stabilisers, UPS systems, harmonic mitigation products, fixed and variable transformers, power resistors and rheostats.

Variable Transformers (Regavolts & Varatrans) brushes are now only available by online shopping regardless of quantity.

If you prefer to order 5 or more of a single item, please contact Claude Lyons for details of possible further discounts.

A limited range of products are initially available by online shopping.

Contact our team of experts for information of the 3 phase and higher rated Voltage Stabiliser and Variable Transformers, Also Harmonic Mitigation and Lyons Instruments products.

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Claude Lyons Limited

  • Brook Road
  • Waltham Cross
  • Hertfordshire
  • EN8 7LR

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