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The widest range of component tape splicing systems in the British Isles is available from Benz Ltd. Keeping automatic pick & place equipment going while changing component reels and being able to use partially used reels, without the loss of components in the leader section, provides substantial cost savings.

Double Splice Tape for 8mm paper SMD tapes, universal Brass Shims and Cover Tape Extenders for many widths conveniently achieve these aims.

Cover Tape Joiners, Radial Component Tape Joiners, Tape Reel Sealers plus single and double-sided clear adhesive foil for test printing and trial placement, without having to clean the PCB before reuse, make life easier for the assembly professional.

Other consumables offered by Benz Ltd include technical adhesive labels for masking, marking and joining and heavy-duty soldering irons and long-life solder pots.

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Benz Limited

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