Why Content Matters

Using the internet in the right way is now more important than ever. Your business needs to stand out from competitors, so this means that your business needs good content. Without good, quality content, your business could be losing valuable customers.

If the content that you provide is quantity over quality, then you need to change it. People have come to you for a reason, so give it to them.You need to resonate with your target audience in everything you do. Tailor your content, so you can really connect with your preferred audiences.

Target your audience with content that they actually want. If you produce the same content day in, day out then they will lose interest. Come up with innovative and entertaining pieces that they are more likely going to share.

By providing fresh, up to date content then this will resonate well with Google and other search engines. They will give you good search rankings which is good for any business!

If you are posting useful, reliable information then people are more likely to revisit your site. You’ll be building interest among visitors who will in turn listen to you are value your opinion. By creating a backlog of quality content in a certain area, then customers will trust you.

Social media is great in terms of content. By posting short updates about your business, it can keep customers interested. You can also interact with your followers and create a personality for your brand. By having a personality, then your brand will become more memorable.

Your businesses blog is one of the main ways to drive traffic to your products or services. By supplying your blog with rich content with keywords specific to your business and adding (organic) internal links to other pages on your site this can improve SEO. By providing fresh and creative content on a blog is not only free, but gives you something to promote on social media, so a win win.


Social Media Tips For Christmas

By now, you and your business should be in the Christmas spirit. Your business should of already planned for Christmas, but there may have been something left off the list. Social media for any business is crucial in today’s market, especially around the festive period. Social media can not only help promote your business and engage customers but can help increase sales. By using a range of platforms you can reach a range of audiences anywhere in the world at a click of a button. Take a look at our tips below on how using social media can really help you around the Christmas.

Social Media Christmas Tips

  • Utilise All Channels – Different audiences use different social media platforms, so do some research into what audience uses what and which ones are appropriate for your audience. For example, Instagram is hugely popular with a younger audience, whereas only 7% of over 50’s use this platform.
  • Customise Themes – Get into the Christmas spirit and make cover photos and platforms ready for Christmas. Make sure that the photos relate to your business and audience and make it similar across all platforms as it shows you are organised and on the ball.
  • Promotions – Christmas is the perfect time to give back. Share this time by rewarding your loyal customers with deals and discounts, and get creative! If you offer something a little different to your competitors, then customers will remember this. Promote this on Social Media to create interest.
  • Hashtags – Create a hashtag specific to your business, and ask your followers questions that can reply with the hashtag. This will create interest and will link back to your business.
  • Plan – Schedule tweets ahead so you don’t need to panic or worry about getting a tweet up in time. There are many different social media scheduling sites to help you keep organised such as Hootsuite.
  • Competitions– You can a competition on Twitter and Facebook relating to Christmas. The prize could be a discount, giftcard or something else relating to your business.
  • Tips – Everyone will be looking for some Christmas hacks, so why not share a few to give your customers that helping hand?

Building Your Business on Social Media

One of our recent posts was on social media marketing, and if you have followed those tips, we hope it has made a difference. This blog post is a few tips on how to increase your brand awareness on social media, so you don’t get lost amongst your competitors.

Pick The Perfect Platform – Choose the platform that can showcase your business the best, as well as speak to your customers well.

Visuals – If you have accounts on a few social media platforms then make sure that they tie in, whether it is through images, content or colour scheme. By doing this, it makes your business consistent, organised and more people will recognise your company no matter what platform they use.

Have a Personality – Let your company’s personality shine through your posts. If your business is all about being upbeat and fun, then reflect this in your content! If you don’t know where to start, then think about what message you are trying to convey to your customers as well as what your audience is, and make sure it is authentic.

Create Great Content – By creating memorable content that your audience can share, it can bring traffic to your site, and build visibility and a reputation.

Use Your Bio – Don’t let this valuable space go to waste. Tell visitors to your site who you are and what you do, and why they should pick you – and be creative!

Engage – By engaging with Tweets, Facebook posts, and Instagram photos that you receive, it helps make your brand individualistic and personal. Connect with other similar brands to reflect on what they do on social media.

Be Consistent – If all your accounts are posting different things on different platforms, this not only confuses the customer, but makes your business look unorganised. Similar to your visuals, keep your content under the same bracket, but cater to the different markets on the different platforms, to engage different audiences.

Share Your Page to Clients – By providing links to your social media accounts within your email signature, it can connect you and your clients in an instant, and promote your business in a discreet manner.

5 Tips to Building an Online Presence

At Findtheneedle, one of our main goals is to help our listings get as much exposure as possible, by building up your online presence. Here are some top tips that are quick and easy to implement yourself in the meantime:

  1. Clearly Outline Your Goals- Ask yourself why you want to grow your online presence and how it will help your business goals, for now and the future.
  2. Make Sure Your Content is Clear– Grab the attention of potential clients by having clear and concise information about your business by adding in keywords to your content to attract your target market.
  3. Create a Social Hub– Social media is your best friend. Connect to new and old clients online and you may see a rise in followers and likes, and maybe a boost in business. Make sure your content is inviting and interactive too.
  4. Start a Blog-With the ability to blog about practically everything these days, why not start writing about the accomplishments of your business as well as key things going on in your industry? By sharing this on social media, it will help attract a lot more attention.
  5. Make your Website Inviting– If your website is confusing and hard to navigate, then potential clients won’t return. By making it user friendly, you will get recommendations and potentially more business.