Social Media Tips For Christmas

By now, you and your business should be in the Christmas spirit. Your business should of already planned for Christmas, but there may have been something left off the list. Social media for any business is crucial in today’s market, especially around the festive period. Social media can not only help promote your business and engage customers but can help increase sales. By using a range of platforms you can reach a range of audiences anywhere in the world at a click of a button. Take a look at our tips below on how using social media can really help you around the Christmas.

Social Media Christmas Tips

  • Utilise All Channels – Different audiences use different social media platforms, so do some research into what audience uses what and which ones are appropriate for your audience. For example, Instagram is hugely popular with a younger audience, whereas only 7% of over 50’s use this platform.
  • Customise Themes – Get into the Christmas spirit and make cover photos and platforms ready for Christmas. Make sure that the photos relate to your business and audience and make it similar across all platforms as it shows you are organised and on the ball.
  • Promotions – Christmas is the perfect time to give back. Share this time by rewarding your loyal customers with deals and discounts, and get creative! If you offer something a little different to your competitors, then customers will remember this. Promote this on Social Media to create interest.
  • Hashtags – Create a hashtag specific to your business, and ask your followers questions that can reply with the hashtag. This will create interest and will link back to your business.
  • Plan – Schedule tweets ahead so you don’t need to panic or worry about getting a tweet up in time. There are many different social media scheduling sites to help you keep organised such as Hootsuite.
  • Competitions– You can a competition on Twitter and Facebook relating to Christmas. The prize could be a discount, giftcard or something else relating to your business.
  • Tips – Everyone will be looking for some Christmas hacks, so why not share a few to give your customers that helping hand?

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