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Energy is an integral part of sustainable living.

Many people use it for various applications, in several environments, including homes. More than 80% of our appliances run on energy, be it electricity or gas. Due to the high demands in this commodity, the energy market has become one of the largest sectors in the world. Billions of dollars are generated in revenue every month.
Apart from benefits we gain from direct application, energy has been responsible for an increase in job opportunities and several infrastructural development. In the UK alone, this utility supports 1 in 49 jobs. Also, in 2016, UK energy companies provided £320 million to low-income consumers. As demands increase, there is a need to save more money by seeking better energy deals.

Types Of Energy Tariffs
In recent times, most modern properties solely run on electricity. Hence, homeowners and tenants do not have to worry about gas tariffs. However, there are still homes that use both electricity and gas. There are thoughts of either purchasing both utilities from the same provider, on the same tariff known as dual fuel tariff, or opting for separate contracts.
A simpler option would be to go for a dual fuel tariff, as you would have to pay a single bill to the energy provider. You may also get a cheaper price - this doesn’t happen all the time. If you are on a budget and would like to get a favourable tariff, comparing dual fuel tariff with the price of two separate fuel tariffs would be a better option.
Comparing Energy Tariffs
Most homeowners and tenants are reluctant to switch energy tariffs due to varying concerns, one of which includes a complicated switching process. However, this is not the case as it takes minutes to switch from one plan to the other, or from one energy provider to another. You can compare energy online by visiting the website of a reputable energy advisor.
You will need to fill in a form which will contain details about your postcode, approximate energy usage, and other personal details. A list will be generated showing energy quotes from big and small energy providers. Select the best deal and apply to complete your purchase directly with the provider. There will be an automatic switch between energy tariffs without any disruption in your access to gas and electricity.
Do I Need To Notify My Current Energy Provider About The Switch?
You don’t necessarily have to inform your current energy provider about the switching process. This will be handled by the energy consultant and your new energy supplier. They will request for a meter reading and notify you on the date of the switch. This information will be forwarded to your present energy provider, who will, in turn, send you a final energy bill.
How Much Can I Save Via Energy Comparison?
The amount of money you save by switching energy tariffs would depend on energy consumption rate and your current tariff. If you are switching from a Standard Variable Tariff (for new tenants or new homeowners) to a different tariff, you can save hundreds of pounds. You can also save more than £200 a year by switching energy providers.

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