A Close Look at the Different Kinds of AC Systems You Can Install for Your Home

20/12/2021 Image

Most everyone is painfully aware of how uncomfortable it can get during the summer, and temperatures have been soaring in recent years. So it is only logical to want to invest in an air conditioning system, and many homeowners have already done so without any regrets. But if you are also considering an air conditioning system investment, it pays to know the different kinds of AC systems you can install for your home. Here, then, is a close look.

• Split systems

Split-type air conditioning systems will have a unit outdoors and another unit indoors, as confirmed by air conditioning experts from Sub-cool-fm.co.uk/air-conditioning-brighton. The component outdoors can be set up near a wall on the exterior portion of your building, and it will contain the system's compressor plus the expansion and condenser coils. The unit placed indoors will be wall-mounted, and this unit will have both a filter for the air and a cooling coil. Both the indoor and outdoor components are connected via tubing and wires. Split systems are usually ideal for numerous homes in the UK. They offer relatively noiseless operation since the fan and compressor are outside. You can also opt for several units indoors that connect to the single unit or component outdoors.

• Packaged systems

Whilst split systems and other traditional AC systems will have two components, both the indoor and the outdoor components, the packaged system will have just a single component or box. The box is usually installed outdoors, on a roof or by a wall. These systems have a more enhanced cooling capacity, and they can also have heating capabilities. As a result, they are more suitable for use in commercial buildings or large houses. The outdoor component is installed and connected to ducts dispersed through different rooms.

• Central AC systems

Centralised AC systems are ideal for large buildings and homes, suitable for offices and gyms. This system is immensely popular as it can quickly and efficiently cool down a large area or space. The central AC system has a compressor outside, and it is similar to other AC systems in that it has a coil with a refrigerant for cooling the air. The cool air is dispersed via a fan, and it circulates in a building through ducts installed on the floors or walls. If a room has warmer air, the ducts will absorb the heat, and this warm air will be pushed outdoors by the system.

• Window ACs

Window units have been popular for years, although they are now being replaced by more efficient split-type systems. You can install the AC unit through a window, and you can use it to cool down a single space or room. These units are suitable for homes where many individuals occupy a particular room at once. The unit is self-contained, and all the unit's components are within one box. As a result, it's not as expensive as a split-type unit, and it is also relatively compact. You can install your unit on a window's lower portion, and it will pull the heat from a room then push the heat outside whilst blowing cool air inside.


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