RG USB Micrologger 2 Surface Units

With a USB interface for your laptop computer, dual dsp processors and built-in borehole video support, the Micrologger 2 is currently the most powerful portable logging system on the market. This featherweight, smaller in size than the average notebook, packs a powerful punch and supports all RG probes and cameras, including the latest acoustic and imaging types. The Micrologger2 needs only a PC, probe and a RG or third-party supplied winch to provide high quality logging and borehole television for every situation.

At the heart of the Micrologger 2 is the latest RG-Winlogger software. The product of twenty man-years’ development, RG Winlogger is a simple-to-use Windows-based solution for log data acquisition, processing and reporting.

With nearly 400 units operating worldwide, including many with major service companies, the Micrologger 2 has established an enviable record for reliability. Its robust construction, small size and 12VDC operation (optional mains power supply available) make it the system of choice for large or small logging service operations.

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