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Wood Chip Blowers

Wood Chip Blowers

Priden Engineering was asked to develop a solution for transporting and discharging smaller wood chip used as pet bedding.

The company has developed a rotary valve to discharge smaller wood chip 10mm to 15mm at a discharge rate of approximately 3 ½ to 4 minutes a tonne (the only one of its kind) and went on to develop a rotary valve to discharge larger wood chip up to approximately 60mm with a similar discharge rate

This is achieved through 6" (152mm) discharge pipe utilising a positive displacement blower, on a trailer the blower is driven by a donkey engine or hydraulically driven and on a rigid propshaft driven by a suitable power take off on the gearbox.

The rotary valve is our own drop-through design with the case and rotor manufactured from mild steel. The valve is designed with heavy duty self aligning sealed bearings, and all internal surfaces are close tolerance to ensuring minimum air leakage is achieved. The blades of the rotor are angled to ensure smooth operation and this in turn reduces the possibility of blockages.

The wood chip rotary valve can be utilised on tipping or non tipping vehicles alike.

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