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Countrywise Water Coolers provides coolers, both bottled and plumbed in throughout Yorkshire, Lincolnshire, and the East Midlands.

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Refillable Water Cooler Systems

Refillable Water Cooler Systems

Choosing your water cooler - Bottled

There is no doubt that the taste from a bottle of natural spring water on a cooler is quite exceptional.

Water coolers are ideal for the workplace with water available in large 18.5 ltr or 13 ltr recyclable bottles allowing the cooler to be placed anywhere within the office and only requiring an electrical socket. They take up very little space, and can enhance the look of the room. For areas that have constantly changing needs or room layout, a bottled cooler can be moved quickly and easily. The advantages of choosing a bottle fed water cooler:

  • Always provides pure, natural drinking water

  • No long term contract, just a single month’s notice

  • No fixed site required (except that a standard 13amp power socket is nearby)

  • Portable, so can be put in almost any situation

  • No plumbing required

  • Refill not landfill! We charge a fully refundable deposit for the bottles to encourage their return, and these are refilled up to 50 times! at the end of the bottles' life it is fully recycled.

  • Choice of stylish freestanding or tabletop models that deliver ambient & cold or hot & cold water

If you choose a bottled cooler, we can have it installed and operational within a few minutes as the water supply comes from bottles that are simply placed on the top of the cooler. Bottle fed coolers are the perfect solution for smaller offices, reception areas, showrooms and temporary accommodation. Our bottle coolers can be purchased but usually they are rented on a monthly basis.

The bottled spring water we provide for our coolers is a crystal clear, natural mineral water, originating deep below the Shropshire Hills.

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